Following the success of Small Cakes, Roger was thrilled to be asked to write a second book.  World's Best Cakes, was published in September 2013. 

World's Best Cakes is a fabulous collection of globally-inspired classic bakes, from national favourites such as American Boston Cream Pie and British Chelsea Buns, to exquisite small treats including RussianTea Cakes and French Madaleines. Each recipe has been meticulously researched and perfectly baked.

Whether you are a baking novice wanting to make your first Plum Madeira or a seasoned pastry enthusiast wishing to impress with a Millefeuille or a Croquembouche this book can guide the way. Divided neatly into chapters that correspond with types of cakes and techniques, you can pick and choose the recipes as your expertise develops. Try your hand at Sponges and Layer Cakes, Loafs and Pound Cakes, Cheesecakes, Small Cakes, Cupcakes and Traybakes or Celebration Cakes. There is also a handy go-to recipe section covering all the Baking Basics - from all types of pastry, to Creme Anglaise and Frangipane.

World's Best Cakes is a superlative resource for the art of cake-baking as well as a showcase of awe-inspiring cakes and pastries, each one a testament to Roger's superb baking skills.